SALT and OIL: Medicinal mixture… you will not feel pain for several years

If you are having neck osteochondrosis, a really painful and frustrating condition,you need to try this natural remedy which is extremely effective for erasing the pain for good!

This homemade natural remedy is very simple to makeand use so you should really think about it if you are going to take any kind of a pain killer medications or you will try this natural and cheep way for reducing the problem.

It is a mixture for massage that is prepared of with unrefined vegetable oil and salt (you can use sea water).

Medicated mixture is prepared once for the entire course of medication.

You will need:

10 tablespoons of salt,

20 tablespoons oil (olive, sunflower).

The medicinal compound for the treatment of osteochondrosis.


Mix salt and oil in glass bottles. Close. Then seal the container well and leave it for 2 days. After 2 days, the remedy is ready to use.


Every morning should be lubricated with a vigorous massage, on the cervical vertebrae in places where you feel pain.

The first massage should last for 2-3 minutes, every day adding another 2-3 minutes, eventually bringing the massage time to 20 minutes.

After finishing the massage, wipe the neck with warm cloth.

You need to use this natural remedy everyday, in the morning, after you wake up.

In implementing such procedures it may be caused minor skin irritation. Therefore, after the end of the massage, wipe the skin with a dry cloth and sprinkle with baby powder.

10-day treatment course will stimulate blood circulation and improve muscle regeneration of cartilage and bone tissue. The results are most visible after 8-10 procedures.

It restores blood flow in the neck area of the spine, headaches disappear and it improves vision. This is linked with the fact that the body is free from the toxin, which in turn normalize metabolism.

In the process of cleaning you may feel a little sleepy or dizzy. But it does not happen often. As a rule, the treatment of osteochondrosis in this way runs without side effects, and provides excellent results.

When rubbing this mixture you can practice self-massage of the neck.


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