Yoga for flat belly – 5 poses you should practice.

Can you use yoga for flat belly?

Obviously, you already believe you can use yoga for flat belly, this yoga poses can help you get a flat stomach if you practice them consistently over time.

The chemistry behind this poses is that they target and engage your core the most.

The beautiful is thing is this, you don’t need any other tool to do this poses and they are poses that even beginners can do.

All you have to do is to squeeze out five minute everyday to do this simple yoga for flat belly poses, but you will get the most benefit if you do them twice daily.

This yoga for flat belly poses is for :

  • Flatter stomach
  • Toned belly area
  • Total beginners

Try to hold each poses for atleast 30 secs, then repeat them all again starting from the first pose.

In total you’ll be using 6 minutes with a minute rest to repeat all the poses.

Yoga poses for flat abs

1. Plank pose

This is one popular fitness pose that engages the shoulder,chest and back.

Looks like just a mere pose but when you hold the pose for about 30 secs you start to feel tighthening around your belly area.

Also this pose can help with toning of the arms and building arm strength.

Do this pose by keeping your arms, shoulder-width apart right below your shoulders

In this yoga pose aim to engage your top body without relaxing on your elbow.

Tighthen your core and keep your butt in line with the rest of your body.

2. Superman pose

Prepare we are about to fly, this pose will render a huge blow on your neck, back, shoulder and hip area while engaging the muscle in your core belly area.

Superman pose can be a little extreme, so don’t push yourself at all, do it gradually from 10secs then increase as you go.

You can do this pose by lying face down on your mat with your arms stretched out in front of you still resting on the floor.

Take a very deep breath now.

Then lift your arms and legs slowly as high as you can but make sure they are clamped together if you can.

Instead of relying on your arms and legs to hold you up, focus on your core to provide energy.

3. Boat pose

Mere looking at this boat pose alone, you’ll know it really focuses on the belly area and engaging the muscles around the surrounding.

You will feel the most weight and stiffness on your stomach and hips but try to focus the vibration you might feel as a beginner at your core.

You can practice this pose by sitting on your mat with leg out in front of you with your hand a little behind your thigh.

Lift your legs slowly as you push your hands out in front of you parallel to the floor.

4. Revolved chair pose

This is a variation of the famous chair pose.

The revolved chair pose engages whole body and core also will help you get flat abs if done regularly along with the other poses.

Especially with getting rid of love handles.

You can practice this pose by starting from chair pose with your legs clamped together and your back slightly bent forward.

Twist sideways slowly, then with your right arm reach downward to the outside of your left foot.

Then stretch you left arm straight up.

Hold pose for about 30 seconds then repeat on the other side.

5. Warrior 3 pose

This yoga for flat belly pose challenges the core and helps with posture and balance.

Put you whole body weight on one foot and engage your core to remain firm and toned.

When in this pose try to focus on your belly area to maintain alignment and balance, instead of your legs.

You can do this pose by standing firmly on your mat, then lift your arms vertically towards the sky.

Leaning in slowly as you lift one foot behind to balance on the other foot.

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