How to Grow Attractive And Thick Eyebrows Fast At Home ! Here’s My Secret Oil

Today i am going to share a very simple yet super effective natural remedy to grow thick beautiful eyebrows at home. If you have thin eyebrows and wish to get beautiful thick eyebrows without help of any makeup, read this post. Believe me girls, it is really possible but you have to be patient for at least 3 months.

Just use below remedy for 3 months daily and you are not allowed to go for threading even you will not go to parlor to remove extras also. I know it looks very bad but let it grow for 3 months. After 3 months just go to your parlor lady and tell her to remove extras only, tell her strictly that no shaping is required just remove only extras. For next 2 months just follow the treatment and remove only extra hair, After next 2 months you can tell her to give your eyebrows a light arch shape. Enjoy your beautiful eyebrows natutally.

Now let me tell you about the remedy

For this you will need:

Castor oil + Vitamin E oil

Mix both of them in equal amount and your oil is ready for use. Dip your eyebrow brush in this oil and apply this oil daily on your eyebrows and go to sleep

If you want serum like consistency, you can also add some aloe vera gel in and mix it well. Your eyebrow hair growth serum is ready to use

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